Find a compatible Mom, and build your village.

everyone wins.

You can go it alone, but CoAbode was founded to make life easier. Two moms raising their children together can achieve more.

More money, more time, more emotional support, and less mental load.

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The greatest relief may be that you’re not doing it alone.

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carmel boss, ceo, coabode founder


How It Works

Step 1: Sign up!

Complete the sign-up form. Your username will be the name members see on your profile and in emails. Do not use your email address as your username.

Step 2: Complete your Personal Profile.

Complete the multiple-choice and essay questions. This will let other members of CoAbode know who you are and what you're looking for. Your profile can be changed or updated at any time.

Step 3: Review the profiles of moms in your area.

Remember, it may take time to find the right partner, but CoAbode gives you access to the largest group of potentially compatible single moms anywhere on the internet!

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annual savings per moM

the coabode advantage

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CoAbode members reduce household expenses by an average of 40%

Checking Time


CoAbode members gain an average of 56 additional hours per month!

Exhort and Pressurize a Friend


CoAbode homesharing reduces social isolation & lonelinesss.

Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends provides you a unique environment to develop friendships, build community, exchange resource information, provide shared childcare, arrange carpooling, and create opportunities for social interaction. Monthly gatherings, shared interest groups, picnics, book clubs, and special events create opportunities to share ideas, encourage self-improvement, make friends, and of course, have fun.

CoAbode has support groups operating all across the country hosted by hundreds of Facilitators. These Facilitators are CoAbode participants who volunteer to set up and host support groups in their neighborhood.

The Friend Circle is an evolving community fueled by single moms like you.

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our story

Carmel Boss founded CoAbode as the result of her own experiences as a single mom, with the hopes that her solution could help other single moms financially, emotionally, and mentally.

our team

Worldwide Traveling by Plane

Carmel S. Boss, CEO: Carmel is a businesswoman, single mother and world traveler with 25 years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She was the co-founder/operator of a multi-million-dollar hardware distribution company prior to founding CoAbode.

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Tonya Riney, PhD., COO: Tonya brings her Swiss army knife of talents to CoAbode: a successful history of leadership and startup SaaS management within the EdTech industry, fulfilling and/or managing nearly every role: sales, marketing, ops, HR, client success, budget, fundraising, and building the partnership program. Her PhD is in Training and Performance Improvement.

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Galen Buckwalter, PhD.: Dr. Buckwalter founded a behavioral outcomes research program at Kaiser Permanente and followed with creation of the assessment and matching system for eHarmony as the Chief Science Officer. He has worked in both academia and industry, including research at the Institute for Creative Sciences at USC and most recently as Chief Science Officer at Payoff, a financial services company.

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